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Twitter Tips

June 23, 2012

Wow! During the Affiliates Annual General Meeting I had a great opportunity to visit with a member of TCEA, which is another affiliate. They had an awesome cheatsheet of Social Media Tools and Tips.

Couple of things I learned:

  1. The best time to post tweets is 9, 10, and 11 AM local time. They don’t know why, logically it seems like NOT a good time for teachers, but the research suggests this is so
  2. Don’t overwhelm your followers. A good number of Tweets per day is between four and six. (Yikes, I guess I’ve been bad by doing my FourSquare!)
  3. It’s not all about you! One-fourth of your organization’s Tweets should be about the organization; three-fourths should be general ed tech information of value to those following you.
  4. Schedule your Tweets – You can use software like Social Oomph, which is free, and you can schedule dates and times for your Tweets! How cool is that? I’m going to try it later today!
  5. Klout – you can look yourself up and discover your influence. Hmmm. Do I really want to know?

More to come later!


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