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ISTE Affiliates Conference

June 23, 2012

Started the morning today with the ISTE Affiliates Annual General Meeting. There are people here who are representing various organizations all over the world.

Of course we get 2 minutes of Fame, so Treva and I did a quick introduction, and yes, we gave away prizes!

The first prize we gave away was a hand lotion from Banff Centre – the question was which Province is Banff in – guess what? Someone answered “British Columbia!” Sheesh, well we made short work of that. Also gave away a couple of ATLE flashlights to those who could name an NHL Hockey team from Alberta – someone guessed the Flames…. I guess the Oiler fans were still celebrating the first-round draft pick.

Oh yes, even though we only got 2 minutes, Susan Larson, the Affiliate Program Director, added on another 2 minutes telling how wonderful our conference was last year, and how we gave away awesome prizes! We were the only affiliate to get the extra recognition!

Here’s the text of our two minute introduction to ISTE affiliates about ATLE:

Good morning! We are Todd and Treva from Alberta Technology Leaders in Education. Does anyone know where Alberta is? No, it’s not in the Midwest, and no, it’s not close to Toronto!

ATLE is 6 years old, and started with just under 100 members, and now has over 340 members, representing virtually every school district in Alberta. Our members are technology types, teachers, and district leaders.

We are a grassroots organization that focuses on three pillars of technology, leadership, and education – and helping our members bring these three together!

One of the great things that has happened in Alberta, is ATLE is recognized as a driving force, and are a part of planning, visioning, and decision making for our department of Education.

Our annual conference is held in the late Fall, and this year we are planning for 500 delegates, and 200 vendor representatives. We have outgrown our facilities twice, and we have a reputation for the best wireless and most bandwidth of any conference in Alberta!

We’re excited to be here, and we’re looking forward to learning with you!

How about some prizes?


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