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Affiliates – Member Benefits

June 23, 2012

TIE – SD (South Dakota)
Membership based on per school or district, pro-rated based on size
Members get free access to courses, unless they are taking it for credit, in which case they will pay $45 per credit.
Quality PD
Really are a PD organization.

FSTE – 100% volunteer
Holding regional workshops – no cost, no fees, using like a membership drive

Discounts for hardware/software that is negotiated.
CUE-up – every other week, e-mail newsletters
Looked at highest ratings of sessions from conferences, and then put on webinars with those presenters.

KYSTE – Gary Grant
Technology grants, only available to members
Scholarships, only if recommended by a member – can be used for student/teachers, very broad and wide open.

Two listservs – a general, and a tech specific one. Hmmm.
Members can apply for a $400 scholarship per year.

Grants to members. About $30K, up to $2K per member. Dues are $0 as of Dec 2011. In the past, if you went to the conference, you paid the membership fee. Increased the cost of the conference, but no longer have a membership fee. Conference attendee gets a printed copy of their journal, others get it online only.

Interesting – Todd’s Note
Membership fees vary from free to like $25-30.
Conference attendance – half of attendees were brand new – not keeping existing members.


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