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Affiliates – Building Effective Partnerships

June 23, 2012

Building Effective Partnerships
Ric Wiltse, MACUL
Judy Flood, MSET
Karen Richardson, VSTE

Ric hosted a panel discussion, asking Judy and Karen some questions. Here is a summary of what I heard.

What obstacles did you overcome?
Karen – Sometimes it was “me”, wanted to do too much of it myself, and didn’t give away some of the work to others. Could be someone else can do it as well as me.
Judy – Sometimes organizations are afraid they are going to be swallowed up by others, so they don’t want to participate.

What surprised you?! about your partnerships
Karen – People wanted to partner with us? Really? Seems like we’re always trying to find partners, but others actually wanted to be associated with us.
Judy – Superintendents are real people, and mostly really nice people. If they understand what we’re trying to achieve, they are terrific people to work with.

What can we learn from you?
Karen – We’re doing this one event, one item at a time. The biggest thing you’ll get from Universities is that they want to charge a lot of money for their location. Negotiate locations, based on getting space for free, by giving free access to a group of their staff. Ie. a middle school gives location for free, because we gave 15 seats to their teachers.
Judy – Think about what you do in strategic ways. Involve your state’s education department. Be prepared to answer questions about “what’s in it for me? Why do we want to do this? What are the benefits? What are the problems we’ll have to face?”

How can we find resources in our area?
Karen – Reach out to local universities.

Check out full Affiliate Annual General meeting at:


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