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Affiliates Annual General Meeting

June 23, 2012

As part of representing ATLE at ISTE, I have the opportunity to attend the ISTE Affiliates Annual General Meeting.


Started off with introductions of some affiliates, see my last post.

Some Random Notes from the 2 minutes of fame:

MACUL – Recently eliminated membership dues and SIG dues, and increased their membership by 2000 this year!

MSET – Just started iTunes university

PAECT – Working on a strategic plan, it’s on their website

TIE – It’s Inevitable Book – Inevitable: Mass Customized Learning

New Affiliate Benefits
Revenue Share on ISTE Resources
We put a special banner from ISTE on our website, so essentially, when our users click on the banner that we put on our website, they can be re-directed to the ISTE Store, and then make purchases. As they make purchases, part of the revenue is returned back to ATLE. The revenue share is:

  • Book Products: 15%
  • Archived webinars: 10%
  • Membership: 10%
  • Subscriptions: 10%
  • Live Webinars: 2%
  • Online courses: 2%
  • Article Downloads: 2%

ATLE will then receive quarterly reports and payments from ISTE. Very nice program. Of course our members who are ISTE members will purchase at the ISTE member price, and others will purchase at the retail price. Of course, they need to purchase following the link from ATLE. Should they just go to the ISTE store directly, there would be no way to know they are coming from ATLE. So our membership would need to be encouraged to go to our site first, when they are “shopping.”

For more information, we can contact Megan Dolman (

New Award: Outstanding Affiliate of the Year
Starting this year, but it’s not in place yet, will have an award to recognize the accomplishments of an affiliate organization. Currently there is a planning team to work on this.

Volume Discounts from Service Providers
ISTE is looking at various services and licensing for our affiliates

Coming Soon:

  • New login and web access
  • Better communication and collaboration tool
  • Keynote speakers online directory – and not just a list, but a place where affiliates can rate, comment, thumbs up thumbs down, link to websites, etc.

Affiliate Program Overview
Two levels of membership – standard and premium
Revenue Share
Republishing ISTE Content
NETS Booklets
Conference Co-marketing Program – ISTE will send out information on behalf of ATLE to any ISTE members from our geographic area, who may not be ATLE members. Will also provide one free ISTE conference registration for every 15 ATLE members who attend the conference the previous year.
Professional Development
Making IT Happen
Advocacy and Training

Premium Members:
Organizational Development: Build capacity, develop shared resources, guest speakers
Collaborative Outreach
ISTE Resources
Making IT Happen
Co-branded banner

Keynote Smackdown #1
Vicki Davis @coolcatteacher – The Road Ahead – tired of the word “Can’t” Should ban the word “can’t” Start with “can”, we don’t need superman, we need super-can! Change ME, then lots of ME’s and then becomes WE. Need to have a PARTY, not a piti party!

Steve Hargadon – The Future of Education – Classroom 2.0

Kathy Schrock
Kathy reminded us of the dancing baby from 1996, and the updated dancing baby. Pretty interesting person, doing a couple of sessions this week. Very good speaker, will be interesting to sit in one of her sessions. Session is called Literacy in the Digital Age.

Next speaker – didn’t catch his name – Adam? something? Talks fast, uses slides effectively. Adam Bellow. He looks like a lot of fun, will definitely want to check out his sessions. Ended with “be infectious”


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