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Affiliate Keynote Smackdown #2

June 23, 2012

Doug Johnson started session #2, four minutes to talk about an upcoming session. He has a good laugh about banning pencils

Doug also distributed this nice card to each table:


Doug’s presentation is definitely a must-see. Designing Brick and Mortar Libraries in the Digital Age.

Cheryl Lemke from Metiri group briefly talked about kids and learning, and media, etc.

Gary Stager – Has spoken in many places, all over the world. Has some strong opinions. He’s surprised when adults are surprised that kids do amazing things. “Helped sell-out recent conferences in …” “Things need not be as they seem” After listening to Gary for four minutes, I feel like I’ve been beaten up, and that he’s been ranting the whole time.

Yvonne Marie Andres
Web-Connected Minds: Connectedness, Constructivist Learning, and Brain Plasticity. What’s the next biggest thing? Content Driven Collaboration.

Is Google making us stupid? We don’t really know what the Internet is doing to our brains!;) She’ll talk about – International Projects or Partners Place. The tools are like brain candy, snacks, but not healthy enough to make a full time diet out of.

Out of the four, I think the best to make time for would be Doug Johnson. Hmm. Have to try and make it work!


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