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May 28, 2012

So a couple of weeks ago we had Grad. Wow! I can’t believe that our first kid is now graduating from High School! Congradulations Katherine!

So it made for an interesting weekend! Our first guests arrived at about 5:30 PM on Friday afternoon, and the last folks left at about 9:00 AM on Monday! Wall to wall people all weekend. And it was fabulous! Hannah was away on an Eastern Canada trip with her class, so we picked her up late Friday night and came home to a houseful of people. (I don’t think we got to bed until well after midnight!)

Saturday (the big day) start beautiful and bright! We had a smallish breakfast, and some basic food for lunch. In the meantime everyone was getting all dolled up, fancy hair, fancy dresses, a billion pictures taken. Whoa!

Then it was off to the school for the main event! Sitting for a couple of hours waiting to start, and then it began. (A rather grueling ceremony with some mercifully short speeches, culminating with introducing each Grad, with some sentences or novels about each one! I think I might have had a tear come to my eye when Katherine walked across the stage!

After the ceremony, all 37 of us had a wonderfully catered mid-afternoon supper, from the amazing folks at Kim’s Katering – awesome food and superb service! A couple hours of visiting later, and we were ready for the second ceremony – the one where everyone walks in so you can see their fancy outfits, some more speeches, and then the dance.

So we’re new to Strathmore, and we’re just playing along with everything trying to figure it out, and going with the flow. But this evening was strange. The second ceremony started really late, like 8:00 PM, and by the time all the grads had entered, I’m sure it was like 8:45, then speeches, and other stuff – crazy late. But, there is supposed to be a great dance, DJ, and a dessert bar running all night. So like 10 minutes after the second ceremony is over, and all the little kids are like half-asleep, the dance starts, and it’s fairly crowded at the beginning. But within about 30 minutes we’re now to like 40 people dancing. (Keep in mind it’s a graduating class of 160+) By the time we get to 10:30 PM, we’re down to our own personal crowd of 15 people dancing – we have the DJ all to ourselves, and he’s doing whatever music we want. Everyone had a blast. BUT, dessert bar was shut down, and come 11:15, DJ shut down. We went home.

But where was everyone else? Seems odd that so many people would disappear. Well, we didn’t miss them, we had too much fun, and I’m thinking most of them won’t remember anything about what they were doing either.

Sunday saw a lot of people still around – lots more great visiting, lots of great things.

Grad was great! Now in three years we’ll do it all over again, but we’ll be a little smarter, and we’ll be a little more helpful!



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