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May Long Weekend

May 17, 2012

So it’s finally here! Seems like everyone has been waiting for this for many months. Yes, there are long weekends throughout the year – semester break, teachers convention, Family Day, Easter Break – lots of breaks around.

But seems like not many compare with the May Long Weekend – the unofficial start of Summer, Camping, and all sorts of outdoor pursuits. Snow is usually gone, weather, while unpredictable can be nice, and everyone is excited!

All week we’ve seen people with their trailers and motorhomes parked in the driveways as they are de-winterized, cleaned up and prepped for this weekend. Today I was on the highway to Medicine Hat, and already you could see people getting started on their vacations with their units traveling North and South. The towns and cities are somewhat emptied out as everyone leaves for “the country”

But not us, nope, no camping for the Kennedy’s this weekend! We’ve got some big events happening that are vying for our attention. Hannah will get dropped off at the school at 4:00 AM (yes you read that correctly) for her Grade 9 Eastern Canada trip. She is going to have a blast, although she’ll likely be completely wiped out upon her return. The rest of us will probably do some Heritage Park activities, and maybe do some swimming with the church, and just hang out. Oh yeah, and our small group will be coming over tomorrow night for a “wind-up” potluck.

And did I mention the skunk? We’ll be trying to evict a skunk – but that’s for another post.

Aahhhh, May Long Weekends. The stuff legends are made of.

Have a great one everyone!



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