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Time for Lacrosse?

May 10, 2012

Have you ever watched Lacrosse? It has got to be one of the craziest sports! Standard equipment is running shoes, shorts, kidney protector, shoulder/chest pads, arm guards, hockey gloves, helmet with cage, mouth guard, and a stick with a basket on the end.

And you can push, shove, and whack the other players pretty much all you want! Oh yeah, and you do it running around on concrete in an ice arena! Absolutely insane!

But it’s amazing and wonderful and fun at the same time! Josh started playing Lacrosse back in April, and he loves it! He’s sweaty and stinky by the end, and pretty tired – but boy does he get a workout, and he thinks it’s the best thing since LEGO Ninajago. Better yet, you never fight with him to have a shower after Lacrosse, and even if he gets pushed around he comes back looking for more!


This is a view from the stands at our home rink here in Strathmore. Today is Thursday, and it’s the fourth consecutive day that we’ve had Lacrosse! Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we had games in Calgary and Strathmore. Today is just a practice, and thank goodness, we get a week off!

When we signed up for Lacrosse they said “oh, one practice a week, and maybe a game every week”. How about 4 days out of every 7! And games can be in three different Calgary locations, Airdrie, and home in Strathmore! Whoa! We’re thinking “this is crazy, it’s almost as bad as hockey!” Actually the schedule is probably worse – but Josh thinks it’s awesome, and so here we sit, watching Lacrosse virtually every free night we have.

What are we going to do when he grows up?


Check it out – Lacrosse is incredible! Strathmore Lacrosse


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