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LEGO Store

September 23, 2011

Today we did something amazing, and incredible. And it started out as perhaps not so incredible.

Halfway through the afternoon Rhonda texted me to say “Want to take us to a mall tonight?”

Do you want to know the truth?

So I said sure, which one? And she replied – doesn’t matter, just a mall. I think everyone had some cabin fever today (no school today – cool).

Therefore, when Todd arrived home we got to leave and head to Calgary. Sidebar: Turns out it is only 40 minutes to get to Chinook Centre (Josh called it “chin ook centre”, like the “chin” on your face)

Now remember, we are small town folks, and sometimes these big city things like malls can be a little crazy! I first realized it was going to be bad when we pulled into the parkade. Every stall had these lights and sensors to tell if there was a car parked in it or not. (Okay, so I’ve seen this before, but my poor family had not). Needless to say, they figured this was a very swanky, upscale mall – and we wouldn’t fit in.

But, we went in anyway – directly into the food court, where everyone stood around, gawking at the food, the incredible atmosphere, and of course all the things flying around overhead. After 30 minutes of downing supper, we went our separate ways. Rhonda and girls to who knows where, probably shopping for clothes, and Todd and Josh. Hmmm. I wonder who is going to have more fun?

Josh and I went to find the LEGO store, so first got to use the directory – a touch screen. Josh quickly figured out where to go, and off we went. Found it in like 2 minutes. Then we spent the next 45 minutes in the teeny tiny LEGO store, where all kinds of wonders can be found! The staff were incredible! One staffer was telling Josh all about the new LEGO on the back wall, where you can get whatever you want until your bucket is full. Another staffer was working with three other kids, timing their LEGO mini-fig building prowess, as they practiced for the upcoming competition in the store next week. The staff were friendly, courteous, and as helpful as they could possibly be. I was extremely impressed. Josh built three mini-figs, put them in a package, and then picked up his little bucket, and proceeded to stuff as much LEGO as he could possibly get into it for $10.99. We had a blast! So much to see and do! Not only that, but being a Foursquare addict, when I checked into the LEGO store, it told me to find an associate, and they gave us a free, commemorative Alien LEGO piece! These guys have got it figured.

Next stop – Apple Store – where we played with Photobooth for about 15 minutes making faces at each other. (I was looking for an iPad – Projector cable, but they had none.) Then Discovery Hut – an incredible toy and other things store.

Quick bathroom break, an ice cream cone, and the mall was closing.

Can you believe it? Josh and I had a good night in a mall! Sheesh! What is this world coming too! (But we didn’t find a Tim Hortons in the Mall…)

ps – the girls enjoyed their shopping night, and went home with bags of shirts, sweaters, coats, and more. smiles all around!

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