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Road Repair

September 21, 2011

So today I was in Drumheller, visiting a couple of schools – Drumheller Valley Secondary School and Greentree Elementary, as well as the dorm at DVSS. Great schools, and great people! It is fantastic to be part of an organization that does so many good things for kids! More on that in the future.

The school visits were excellent, the people great, even the service at McDonalds was second to none. (Met the owner too, fantastic person!) But that’s also for another post.

Today is the diatribe and rant about road repair. As I was leaving DVSS I noticed the road crew was oiling, prepping, and getting ready to pave the road leading away from Railway Ave up towards Greentree. Flag people, and everything made everyone go back down the road, up Highway 9 to enter the residential area where the school is located, via another entrance.

Lo and behold after making this long detour, they have seriously oiled and prepped for paving this side too (although you can still drive on it – but not recommended)

Sidebar – if you are not familiar with this part of Drumheller – there are ONLY two entrances to this neighborhood, and BOTH were blocked off for oiling/paving, etc.

Managed to get in, park in Greentree parking lot, and go into the school. After an excellent visit with the Principal, now having a better feel for what the school is like, I hopped in the car to go back to DVSS.

Unfortunately the exit to get to DVSS was completely blocked by the paving crew, and the flag person waved me to go on the “detour” route. The detour route takes you back to the other entrance to the neighborhood, where similarly, the road is blocked, and you get directed to the other way. Okay, note to self – when there are only two entrances, and they are both blocked – you’re in trouble. Ended up driving through the oil, collecting about a billion little rocks on my tires of my trusty ’92 Honda Civic and getting over to DVSS. Late, because of road construction in a small subdivision in Drumheller.

Why they would choose to do all of this work, in one attempt on one day completely barricading in a subdivision, just before the school busses and parents were due to take kids home is beyond me. Especially when if they were to wait for two more days – Friday – there would be no school, and no worries about high traffic volumes.

I shake my head.

BTW – the crew actually did an amazing job of putting the road in – it is looking awesome! It’s not their fault the scheduling person set it up that way!


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