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The Barber Shop

September 19, 2011

Okay, so it was finally time. With hair poofing up all over the place, and side burns almost as wide as Wolverine’s I bit the bullet and had to find a place for a haircut. Gone are the days of calling up Jen and saying “Please, can I come over for a $10 haircut” any time day or night. (I suppose I could still call her up, but the 5 hour drive each way would seem to be a little excessive.)

So I stopped by Sir Lance Barber Shop, right next to the amazing M&M here in Strathmore after work. I walk in and the Barber says “What do you need?” I’m thinking that it should be obvious, but I told him I figured it was time for a haircut. I put my name on the list (next one!) and sat down for a few moments.

Not five minutes later a 13 year hair veteran comes up and asks for “Todd” then bursts out laughing. I’m not sure if she’s laughing at my hair, my iPhone, or my name or what. Then the Barberette says “My 22 lb cat is named Todd.” Well, that’s the first time anyone has used that line on me. I figured it’s all going to be downhill from here!

But nope, I sit down in the chair of wonders, get draped with the fancy super hero cape, and she gets to work on my head. And she did a great job, even dealt with those nasty eyebrows and sideburns – I actually look somewhat normal for a few days! (Although Rhonda says she should’ve trimmed my ear hairs – not going there. Might hurt)

30 minutes later and $18 lighter, I now have a fancy new doo, and look somewhat presentable. Just need to shave the face a little better, and I could sell new cars!;)



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  1. That is the best barbershop I drive from Calgary just to get my hair cut there!

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