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Happy Birthday via video…

September 13, 2011

Have you ever sang happy birthday to someone on a video conference connection? And better yet, did you ever have eight of your friends on separate video feeds all singing happy birthday to the same person on yet another feed?

Today we were having one of our Alberta Technology Leaders in Education Board meetings. The Board is from different school jurisdictions all over the Province, so the only way we can have Board meetings, without involving a lot of travel and expense, is through video conferencing. Today we had a large group for about two hours working on projects and various things for ATLE. It is great to work with such a great group of people.

We have some amazing things shaping up in our fifth year of operation. The annual conference planning is moving along very well. The third symposium of the year is happening in Lethbridge early next month, and some huge steps are being taken in other areas which will be unveiled soon.

Each Board member sacrifices some of their time to help with the overall impact and direction of ATLE, and we could not do what we do with out their generosity.

Turns out it was Treva Emter’s birthday today, who is our Professional Growth chair. So we sang. It was absolutely hilarious! If you haven’t done it, there is always a bit of a delay in video, so when you have 8-10 people singing happy birthday, they are all out by a syllable or two, and you just end up laughing your head off.

See how much fun we have? You too could be an ATLE Board member and have a chance to sing from your desk!


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