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New friends and new friends

September 6, 2011

Have you ever experienced a time when you met someone, essentially for the first time, and very easily became friends? It doesn’t happen often, in fact it is probably actually quite rare, but when it happens, it’s just like magic!

Had one of those times today. An old friend of many of my co-workers came in today, and everyone was glad to see him and catch up. (Of course the “boss” in me is like “Hurry up, say hello, get back to work!”) But fortunately that inside voice was overruled by the, hopefully, much smarter outside voice.

I had spoken to him a couple of times on the phone, and met in person maybe once or twice. However Kevin’s good nature, and easy going attitude of “let’s help others” was very catching, and very easily we got along.

Fortunately this evening was also a chance to have the team over to our house for some bbq. And was it a perfect day for weather or what? We all sat on the deck for a couple of hours visiting and laughing and telling stories, while enjoying some burgers and all the fixings! What a fantastic team we have down here in Golden Hills! Too bad a couple of people were sick, and were unable to make it, but fortunately a small group is still a lot of fun!

Thank you everyone for making a nice warm enjoyable evening, even more enjoyable!


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