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Long Weekends

September 5, 2011

So it’s the September long weekend, and we have three days of no school and no work! So of course, what do we choose to do? Not sleep in until 10 AM and laze around in our pajamas until noon, making a leisurely breakfast, watching a movie, going for the odd bike ride. Sitting around enjoying each other’s company and relaxing for the first time in like four months!

Nope, we decide let’s fill up the Durango, throw the dog in the back, and drive 450 KM, in the vehicle for like six hours, listening to the same DVD movies while the kids fight and ask for snacks until the wee hours in the morning! Sheesh! What were we thinking?

We were thinking it would be a great chance to hang out with some family, and relax together! And was it the right decision? You betcha! We had the good fortune of staying with Rhonda’s brother and his family at their place for three nights. (Thanks Bryan and Tanya for sharing your home, your bathrooms, and your food!) And visiting with Rhonda’s Mom & Dad, as well as some friends!

We had a wiener roast around a fire outside one evening, and an impromptu birthday party for Rhonda and Josh (whose birthdays are right around the corner!) Got to move the big TV upstairs and try and get it wired in correctly! (With the peanut gallery giving directions from the couches!)

There was the awesome roast beef meal for lunch, there were waffles for breakfast one morning, there was home-made pizza for supper one evening and even home-made cinnamon buns for breakfast on Monday. (Made from grain grown on the farm! Tanya acquired a flour grinder, and takes the seeds and makes her own flour!) It was all delicious! The kids got to play with their cousins! Wow!

We even got to drop into our former church home (for many years) and visit many friends there, AND yes, we got to meet the new Coutts kid! Alexis was gorgeous and has an amazing shock of hair! Wow! Kennedy is going to love doing her little sister up in all kinds of barrettes and bows!

Finished up the weekend with a brief visit at Grandma and Grandpa Kennedy – where we got to hang out in the backyard, in the fancy gazebo, and yes, there were even MORE presents for Rhonda and Josh!

Long drive, lots of time in the car, but great time with family – PRICELESS!


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