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Skids, Kids, and Tim Hortons

July 26, 2011

Day Two came and went today! It’s amazing how fast it is all going by! So many things to learn, see do, get a handle on – whoa! It’s a great and fun challenge!

Skids – We are adding, literally, thousands of computers to our inventory this Summer, and our suppliers have been unbelievably fast in getting us product… which has caused some some grief. We have skids of computers everywhere! Some fantastic ladies moved computers around for us all day as it was raining and they couldn’t mow grass, so now we have computers up and down hallways, stacked up in various rooms and storage areas in multiple buildings. It’s getting hard to even keep track of where it all is! And there is still lots to come! I don’t know what we’re going to do with it, but I know that Kelly-Anne will find a way to manage it all and it will work out in the end! Whew!

Kids – Was looking for some enrollment numbers today, to help me get an idea of the student population and where they are located, but I couldn’t find them. Fortunately I was rescued by some of the amazing office staff who helped me go through the electronic files to find the information I needed. In the end I have more details than I need, and my understanding is slowly improving. Thanks so much everyone!

Tim Hortons – After a remarkably fast morning, lunchtime arrived. Mmmm. Tim Hortons is only a few blocks away! Iced Capp, Chicken Bacon Club, and an Apple Fritter! I have arrived! It’s going to take an awful lot of discipline and self-control to ensure I don’t go overboard! Mmmmm. Guess supper will be something small!

It was a great day! Great people! Awesome team! Wonderful organization! Missing my family right now, but only two sleeps before we’re together again!


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