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Swimming at the Pool

July 21, 2011

Have you gone swimming with your kids lately? Are you a swimmer or do you just sit in the hot tub and soak?

Tonight I had a chance to go swimming at the Barrhead Kinsmen Aquatic Centre with two of my kids, Hannah and Josh. Where was Katherine you may ask? Well she was actually working at the pool as a lifeguard. Sometimes we like to go late in the evening for the last hour of public swimming because it’s quieter.

Well tonight was different.

Started off well, got our swim trunks on, hit the showers – which were nice and warm, and then out to the pool… Where there were, seemingly 100’s of little kids swimming and playing and jumping and running and climbing everywhere! We almost needed a shoe horn to find a spot to get into the big pool. And the hot tub? Well forget it, it was at capacity! But never fear, our kids are like fish, like they were born to swim, so we crammed ourselves into the pool. Josh’s friend Cooper was there, and they immediately started playing, which gave Hannah and I a chance to go to the climbing wall.

Have you seen these things? They’re like 20 feet tall, on the side of the pool, so you can climb up from in the pool, and fall back into the pool when you reach the top. Well there was a line up, so we had to wait, treading water. Three seconds later I needed to hold onto the edge of the pool, but Hannah – she is a treading machine. She must’ve been treading water for 10 minutes straight before getting a turn on the climbing wall – and she didn’t even seem tired! Wow, I’m getting old! Well Hannah is so tall that it was like three handholds and she was at the top!

Whew, I was tired just watching. Then we spent some time in hot tub recovering from the excersion!

But why was it so crowded you may ask? Well the Town of Barrhead Summer Rec crew was actually hosting “Boys Rule, Girls Drool” an overnight event with 30 young boys! Need I say more? Was really impressed with Jason, one of the leaders. He knew all the kids by name, and he was doing everything he could to ensure they were having a great time! Way to go Jason!

We left a couple of minutes early to beat the rush to the change room, and upon entering the showers – yikes it was cold! Quick shower, dressed, headed home.

Only to discover when we got home that we left our trunks and towels at the pool.

Guess that’s better than forgetting your pants at the pool!


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