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Canada’s Worst Handyman

July 16, 2011

Today was an adventure in Do It Yourself ceramic tile installation. So we have a duplex that needed some flooring re-done. Of course we thought “why replace the carpet, let’s put ceramic tile instead.” What was I thinking!

So we pull the carpet out and think that it’s just easy to put tile down. Wrong. Subfloor was not thick enough, so we had to add subfloor in. Hundreds of screws, and many cuts later (with my 18v Ryobi circular saw – which is awesome!) and the subfloor is in.

Then we have to layout all of the 12 inch square ceramic tiles and then cut the rest to size. Simple, right? Not! Four hours later it’s mostly cut and arranged and spaced out. It would be so much easier to do a square room, but no, we have to do a small room with a closet, and a heating register! Yikes!

And after cutting the second tile, my tile cutter breaks! Off to buy another one! $28 later I now have a new scriber and breaking tool.

My amazing wife says it looks awesome, but I think I must be Canada’s Worst Handyman. And we’re not done yet – still have to mix up the goop, and glue it all down! Let’s see if it all fits when it’s glued! Oh yes, and then grout. When will this ever end?

At least inside there are no mosquitos!


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