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Buying Furniture

July 10, 2011

Buying furniture is a little bit unnerving at times. You really just want to look and try different furniture, but you always have a salesperson breathing down your neck. And when you find the one you like, there are always extras that you need to add that ultimately seem to eliminate any major savings you thought you were getting.

But today was different. Had a chance to stop in at the Ashley Furniture store in West Edmonton today. There was a specific sectional that we’d seen a number of months ago, and now we want to buy. Note: One annoying thing about Ashley is while they have a website with great information, and pictures, they don’t put their pricing online. However they do tell you when the sales are on. We saw it was going to be 20% off today, so we thought we’d stop in.

As soon as we came in the door, we discovered that actually today is 25% off day, so even better! Started wandering through the store, and after a few minutes a very friendly, and not overbearing salesman named “Larry” asked us if we needed anything. We couldn’t find the one we wanted, but very quickly he found it on the spacious show floor. He was helpful, showed us everything we needed, and all the pricing up front.

We decided to buy, and then started filling out the simple invoice. Then Larry says we’ve got to go see someone else. I’m thinking “Great, now we go see the manager, and he tells us about the financing options, and all the extras that we ‘need’.” I made a face that only Rhonda could see, and followed him over.

Much to my surprise, Larry was simply taking us to the person who enters the order who double-checks Larry’s work, and makes sure that we’re all on the same page! Easy-peasy, and now we’ve ordered our sectional, to be delivered to our new home in August.

Meanwhile, as we’re talking to Larry, the kids are wandering around the store and discover a little kitchen, where another employee has just finished baking cookies, which are offered to our kids!

It was a great experience today, thank you Ashley Furniture Home Store in West Edmonton!


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